History Of Women Suffrage  

Women suffrage was a women’s movement in history that was mainly initiated to allow women the right to vote. In the eighteenth century, women were not allowed to vote or participate in any government affairs. Women suffrage is also a general term that is used to refer to the movements for political or economical reform of women that took place in the past.

Any struggle that was held in general for women can be termed as women’s suffrage actually. One of the first struggles was the right for women to vote when the government was formed for the first time. Women’s suffrage fought for the voting rights that had no restrictions and needed no qualifications except the fact that they were the citizen of the country to vote. Among all the countries, Finland was one of the first countries to give women voting rights and then came New Zealand.

Women suffrage is a movement that was held in various countries at different periods of time. Every country has had its own history of women’s suffrage and movement. In general, the reason to fight was the same like voting rights, and other rights like equal employment and so on. In England women were denied the right to own property so the women’s suffrage movement freed them of many of those woes. Women’s suffrage was mostly led by women but there have been several men in history that supported this movement and fought for the rights of women. Sometime the women suffrage movement for voting rights is referred to as universal suffrage.

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History Of Women Suffrage

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