United States Women Suffrage  

The United States women suffrage movement as mainly held during the early 19th century and late until the 20th century. Women were denied equal employment opportunities and the right to vote in the US when the government was first formed.

Lydia Taft was the first woman to start the women suffrage movement in colonial America. Also, she was the first woman who was allowed to cast her ballot in the country. However, even after she voted, it did not mean that all women in the US were given voting rights. For several American women voting rights were not granted.

Through out the 18th century the women’s suffrage movement went through various transitional levels. New Jersey offered women the voting right but they did not let them own property. In the 19th century, the women's suffrage movement had only few participants in it. Then a Scottish woman called Frances Wright came and started lecturing on the movement extensively. Then the campaign was promoted by a Polish woman called Ernestine Rose. Her campaign was so effective that she got a personal hearing in New York even though her petition had only five signatures. Then slowly the women’s suffrage started picking up steam and even the African American women joined the effort and as the number increased, a law was passed in mid 19th century that even women had equal voting rights. The law was signed in New York in the 1960s, and this was the time when Civil Rights Movement was also being waged.

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United States Women Suffrage

Voting-Rights-Facts      American has been through a long history of voting rights and what it is today is the most modern and new version of it. Today’s voting rights are fair and square with everyone and is in its most civilized form. However, in the past it was not so simple. Women and African Americans were denied voting rights and it was a man’s world in its true sense. More..




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United States Women Suffrage )
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