History Of The Constitution  

The Constitution of the US was penned in the year 1787. Thus, the history of the Constitution of the US is more than 200 years old. The original master copies of the written document of the US Constitution are well stored and preserved for future reference at the National Archives, located in Washington D.C.

A faction of men, called the Framers, organized several meetings for nearly five months, from May 1787 to September 1787, to decide the content and structure of the US Constitution. The need of a well-documented constitution to run the government of the newly developed nation was felt by the group as the government that existed in those days was not very efficient.

The three most important men of the group of Framers were Ben Franklin, George Washington, and James Madison. The other members of the group came from all the 13 US States, except Rhode Island. Representatives from every state had different ideas about the ideal structure and functions of the new government. The meetings were marked by hated debates, controversies, extensive speeches and elaborate discussions on the probable organization of the Constitution.

The meeting, in which the draft of the US Constitution was finally laid down, with mutual consent of all the states, came to be known as the ‘Convention’. After the Convention, the final proposal for the Constitution was put forward for ratification. For the proposal to be approved, it was necessary that it was ratified or accepted by at least 9 states. North Carolina and Rhode Island rejected the proposal initially but later gave their consent. New Hampshire was the 9th state to approve the proposal. Once accepted by nine states, the Constitution was officially declared ‘ratified’ on September 17, 1787. It has been amended 27 times since then.

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History Of The Constitution

How-Many-Changes-Or-Amendments-Are-There-To-The-Constitution      The Constitution of the US was officially approved and put into function on September 17, 1787 after it was ratified by the state representatives at the Federal Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As many as 27 changes or amendments to the U.S. Constitution have been made since then. More..




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