When Was The Constitution Written ?  

The history of the Constitution is over 200 years old. The Constitution was written and approved in 1787 and put into function in the year 1788. But, if you are looking for a precise answer to the question 'when was the Constitution written?’ you can be assured that you will not find one because the Constitution was not penned in one day or by one particular person.

It is an authentic manifestation of the ideologies, beliefs, and attitudes of several state representatives, who met and organized meetings for about five months, from May 1787 to September 1787, to decide on the content and structure of the U.S. Constitution. These conferences were marked by heated debates, controversies, extensive speeches and detailed discussions on the plausible organization of the Constitution. Representatives from every state across the nation had varied ideas about the desired structure and functions of the new government.

The need of a well-documented constitution to run the government of the newly developed nation was felt by the group as the government that existed in those days was not very efficient. The group of delegates, who met at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia to prepare the final draft of the new constitution, came to be known as the Framers. This faction of representatives from different states across the nation was headed by three ‘founding fathers’ of the constitution, namely George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison.

After the final draft was prepared at the Convention, it was put forward in front of the states for ratification. For the proposal to be accepted officially, it was essential that it got ratified or accepted by at least 9 states. North Carolina and Rhode Island had initially rejected the proposal but later gave their consent. After getting approvals from the first nine states, the Constitution was declared ‘ratified’ on 17 September 1787. It has been amended 27 times since then. 

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When Was The Constitution Written

Who-Was-The-First-To-Sign-The-Constitution      The Constitution was written and put forward in the House of the First Congress in the year 1787. However, it was ratified by all states and finally put into function as a suitable replacement of the Articles of Confederation in the year 1788. George Washington was the first person to sign the constitution. More..




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When Was The Constitution Written ? )
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