What Does A Lobbyist Do ?  

A lobbyist is a high profile activist or a professional who uses his communication skills and thorough knowledge of legislative processes to influence legislation on behalf of his client and convince the Members of the Congress to vote for the public policy in favor of his clients’ interest. Organized group lobbying has been well defined and protected in the U.S. Constitution. It is a kind of advocacy that aims at influencing the decisions made by legislators, other government officials, individuals, and other advocacy groups.

Following are various tasks done by a lobbyist, using his past experience in public relations and his strong network of contacts with the congressional office staff and members of the Congress and other public offices:

  • Understand thoroughly the client’s interests in active legislation
  • Strengthen the position of the client on the most important issues at hand and leave a good impression about the concerned public policy before the policymaker.
  • Conduct a proper research by collecting press releases and informational literature related to the issue.
  • Represent the client in media, especially at press conferences.
  • Arrange and smoothen the progress of face-to-face meetings with legislators and other congressional staff and agency officials, on behalf of the client.
  • Strategically respond to regulatory inquiries related to the client’s case and bear witness for the client at public hearings.

In short, a lobbyist is a public relation professional who offers valuable services to their clients. A lobbyist also assists the congressional staff by making accurate information about the hundreds of bills and amendments introduced in each legislative session easily available to them. Thus, lobbyists serve to make the learning process of the congressional office staff much simpler than before.

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What Does A Lobbyist Do

What-Is-A-Lobbyist      A lobbyist is an activist who is paid to prop up the position of the interest group to the legislatures. He also serves to establish the atmosphere for the desired change by persuading the ‘opinion leaders’ or by altering public opinion through interesting advertising campaigns. The term ‘lobbyist’ is derived from the assembly rooms or chambers where majority of lobbying takes place. More..




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What Does A Lobbyist Do ? )
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