What Is A Lobbyist ?  

A lobbyist is an activist who is paid to prop up the position of the interest group to the legislatures. He also serves to establish the atmosphere for the desired change by persuading the ‘opinion leaders’ or by altering public opinion through interesting advertising campaigns. The term ‘lobbyist’ is derived from the assembly rooms or chambers where majority of lobbying takes place.

In the US, majority of the lobbying associations are based in or around K Street in Washington D.C.

The most clear-cut way to make certain that a bill is passed is to influence the opinion leaders by bribing them. Thus, it is highly likely and extremely easy for a lobbyist to drift away into bribery. Therefore, the activity of organized group lobbying is well-defined, highly regulated, and protected by the U.S. Constitution. For sure, a lobbyist seldom creates news unless he or she has contravened the regulations. Consequently, the term 'lobbyist' has to a certain extent negative implications nowadays. Campaign finance reforms, which are passed only once in a blue moon, are among the various measures that are taken to manage the influence of lobbyists.

In other words, lobbyists are public relations professionals with strong network of contacts with the legislators and the congressional staff. They are well-aware of the legislative processes and offer expert assistance in the doing research, presenting information, collecting evidence for congressional hearings, testifying in public meetings, and arranging face-to-face meetings with the agency officials and/or the policy makers. Thus, a lobbyist is a person who helps to leave a good impression on the legislators and get the bill or the public policy passed by the House of Representatives in Washington D.C.

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What Is A Lobbyist

What-Is-The-Job-Of-A-Lobbyist      A lobbyist is a professional who attempts to convince the policy makers and/or the elected agency officials in different ways to vote for the public policy in favor of their client. The job of the lobbyist actually depends on the group or the organization he/she is associated with. Usually, different organizations and advocacy groups have a diverse set of lobbyist jobs to uphold their interests and get their opinions and demands heard and accepted by the policy makers. More..




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What Is A Lobbyist ? )
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