How To Apply For A Presidential Pardon ?  

The act of pardoning a federal crime that a person has been charged with and punished for is known as federal pardon or more popularly a presidential pardon. People generally misunderstand that a presidential pardon will entirely take away all the charges from the person’s record. But this in reality, the pardon itself is recorded in his documents as a public record.

Therefore, the person must give all important information and documents about his conviction whenever asked; though, he may also add the proof of his getting the presidential pardon.

Applying for a presidential pardon means that the individual is admitting and accepting his responsibility for the crime. Therefore, those who think they have been mistakenly accused of a federal crime, would like to follow other ways, like an appeal for federal pardon, to turn over the charges instead of accepting liability for a crime they are not guilty of.

Here are the steps to be followed while going to apply for a presidential pardon:

  • Study all the requirements and rules for a presidential pardon. Because, your application will be rejected, if you do not fulfill all of the requirements, except in exceptional, justifying conditions.
  • You must collect and organize all important documents pertaining to the crime in a data-wise order, as these documents will be supporting evidence when seeking a presidential pardon. If possible, try to get the originals. If originals are not available, then documents should be certified copies.
  • Get the 23-page application form for the pardon from the office of the Attorney General and fill out completely. Before filling it, read carefully all the instructions and the privacy statement. The application can be downloaded from the Attorney General's website.
  • Attach all important documents to your application. 
  • Also, you must present character affirmations or letters of commendations from at least 3 references.
  • Besides the application, you can write a pardon letter also mentioning about yourself, the crime committed and conviction, and why should you be pardoned.
  • Once the application is complete in every respect, mail it to the office of the Pardon Attorney. Better if you send it by Certified Mail. Do not forget to keep one copy of your application with all documents for your records and one as a support in case the mailed application is lost or spoiled.

Thus, knowing the right procedure of applying for a presidential pardon is always helpful in getting your request approved.

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How To Apply For A Presidential Pardon

Power-Of-Presidential-Pardon      Power of Presidential Pardon has been approved under Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution. In the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the issue of presidential pardon was discussed and some Founders proposed to involve Congress in the pardons. But Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Father, advised that this power should remain only in the hands of president. More..




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