How Many Times Can A Senator Be Re Elected ?  

In any state, a senator can be typically reelected any number of times. Every senator serves a period of six years and there are three schedules that the United States follows for election of the senator. Each zone falls into an election category. The state elections are held and public votes are invited. Typically, every time there is an election, candidates from both the Democrats and Republicans participate.

A senator who has been chosen but not yet elected is called the senator elect candidate. Once a senator serves six years of their term they can again stand in elections and if possible get reelected into the office.

There have been candidates who have served as a senator for two to three times in the United States. However after serving for a couple or more times typically the candidate will retire or run for presidency. If a senator is unable to serve for the six year term, then a temporary senator is appointed until reelection. The election is always held only in the scheduled year for that particular state and not before that. The elections are always held in the first week on the first Monday or Tuesday of November. The next scheduled election is for class III states and is to be held in 2011. Every state has a schedule and it also needs to take an appointment for the senator candidate before the elections start. However, these days the senator elections are as elaborate as the presidential elections itself and the campaigning starts well in advance.

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How Many Times Can A Senator Be Re Elected

How-Much-Does-A-Senator-Earn      A senator is the head of the state, and every state in the US has a senator. The senator is elected through popular elections and once in every six years the senator is elected. The elections of the senators take place immediately after the election for the president. As per the official records, the annual salary of a senator is $174,000. This salary is likely to be revised according to the employment bureau. More..




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How Many Times Can A Senator Be Re Elected ? )
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