History Of Universal Studios Logo  

Universal Studios is one of the most highly established movie production studios of Hollywood in the entire world. It is also recognized as Universal Pictures or Universal City Studios across the world.

Universal provides production facilities in Universal City, California, and Orlando, Florida. It collaborates with independent producers of filmed entertainment and commercial advertising. Universal studio offers facilities for public tours and presents attractions and rides based on motion picture and television themes. It is one of the greatest attractions of the tourists who visit Hollywood.

Carl Laemmle was the initiator of Universal Studios. He was associated with the motion picture production during the industry's infancy. It was in 1936 that Universal Pictures was bought by Standard Capital. Then, the studio was renamed as New Universal Studios.

During the nineteenth century, Universal Studio got its first logo. The first logo was an Earth with a Saturn-like ring and the text was in bold Kentucky font. Since then, the logo has been replaced by a model to eventually to today's CGI animation.

It was in 1915, that Laemmle established the world's largest motion picture production facility, Universal City Studios in Hollywood. Soon, Universal became the biggest studio in Hollywood. Many ups and downs have been recorded in the history of Universal studios.

Universal studios have worked with many companies and have distributed and co-financed a number of films. Till date, Universal has dealt with many small companies, such as Imagine Entertainment, Morgan Creek Productions, Working Title Films, DreamWorks and Studio Canal to name a few.

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History Of Universal Studios Logo


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