Conflict Of In Interest Intellectual Property  

Intellectual property is a type of document created through using an individual's creativity and intellect. Any person, who writes, creates music, makes movies or clicks photographs, can define their work as intellectual property.

This also includes inventions.A conflict of interest is a situation where one’s work results in disregard for another person's work. If someone works for one party and it is damaging other people’s interests, it is called a conflict of interest. Intellectual property is a product of ones own hard work.

A conflict of interest can be avoided on intellectual property by declaring the intent. One cannot determine if there is a conflict of interest or not and if any other person is going to contest. However, it is always safer to declare the intent behind the work.

Intellectual property is a product that can be a computer software program, original literature, trademark, inventions and trade secrets. A conflict of interest is a contractual agreement which refrain the person from conducting business that is very similar to the activities of another party.

The clause commonly applies to employment terms, partnerships, and other sale of business. The employment agreement may forbid an employee to quit the job and start something new on the similar lines of the business they were working for.

However, the laws of conflict of interest have several limitations like the geographical location and duration limits. Basically, no one can restrict a person from earning their living and conducting business legally. A non disclosure agreement, however, stops a person or an employee from disclosing the trade secrets to another person or a company.

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Conflict Of In Interest Intellectual Property


Examples-Of-Intellectual-Property      Intellectual property is the product of one's own efforts and work. It applies to software programs, literary work, composed music or any creative product. There are several types of intellectual properties like inventions, discoveries, architecture, trade ideas, trade secrets, business ideas, writings, art work, musical compositions and performances. Even if the intellectual property is not protected by law, it is still the intellectual property of someone. More..




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