What Is Intellectual Property ?  

Intellectual property can be anything like an innovation, discovery, invention, art, logo, trade idea, trade secret, symbol, or a product that can be used commercially.

Intellectual property is the result of a person’s intellect. There are several ways to protect intellectual property using copyright laws, patents, trademarks, and watermarking.When someone uses these methods, they are protecting the information and taking ownership. Intellectual property is not tangible; in other words no one can see it. If you do not patent it or protect it, then you cannot prevent the unauthorized use of it.

Patents, for example, are used for inventions. If someone discovers a tool or a method, then by patenting it they are claiming ownership with the government and declaring it as theirs. Also, patent gives the exclusive right to the person to reproduce the discovery for sale, or the person can conduct business using the patented item or discovery. Also, if someone else uses the same idea, it amounts to copying and infringement of copyright. The person will be legally punishable, or entitled to fine by court.

A trademark is used to protect trade logos, captions, sounds, designs, and even colors in a specific pattern to distinguish their product. For example, Nike, which manufactures shoes, uses a logo and if anyone else uses it for similar kind of business, then they can be sued.

A copyright is a type of protection for intellectual property like media files, software programs, literary works, music, artwork and any kind of intellectual work.

Unless a person uses one of the methods to protect their intellectual property, they cannot claim ownership either. What has not been protected cannot be stolen either.

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What Is Intellectual Property


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