Steps To Avoid Plagiarism  

With the advent of the Internet, the avenues for plagiarism have increased massively. A single click of the mouse can open amazing avenues of facts and information from any part of the world.

As a result, students and aspiring writers are the easiest preys to this illegal act. Some fall into the trench unknowingly. Therefore, it is important to aware of the steps to avoid plagiarism while still enriching your mind and work.

The first and foremost thing to comprehend is that we cannot disguise plagiarism by merely re-arranging the original writer’s words and thereafter, calling the work as our own. There are certain complications involved that we must pay heed to. It is pertinent to seek permission of the original writer before using any of the information furnished by the concerned individual. Even after obtaining permission, it is essential to cite the source of information in the subsequent work. A lackadaisical approach in this step could snowball the situation of plagiarism into copyright violation.

While using quotations of others, we must take care to put the same within quotes, and thereafter mention the name of the source either in brackets immediately after the quotation or at the end in the source index. Providing an index of all the sources at the end of one’s work is a foolproof method of working. Not only does it protect one from the risk of plagiarism, but it also adds a sense of credibility to the work as it highlights that the writer has conducting an in depth research to produce the piece of work.

The golden rule to avoid plagiarism is to give citations. Many people feel that there may be no requirement for citations in cases where one has used quotation marks at the appropriate places, replaced words of the original writer using synonyms, altered the complete structure of the original sentence or framed an entirely new sentence with just a mere reference to the original ideology. However, this is a misconception. Despite all these precautions, it is always prudent to provide the citation, as it is the easiest way out from the clutches of plagiarism.

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Steps To Avoid Plagiarism


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Steps To Avoid Plagiarism )
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