Why Is Plagiarism Wrong ?  

The act of representing another individual’s creative ability in any area as your own is termed as plagiarism.

The domain of this offense includes taking the perception of someone else or re-structuring the same without approval of the original creator or without giving due acknowledgement to the real source. However, working in a group and sharing information to broaden one’s intellectual horizon does not amount to plagiarism.

Plagiarism can be of two types. Intentional plagiarism suggests that the culprit had the motive of cheating the reader despite being well aware of the felony and its subsequent consequences. The reasons behind the act could be ambition to succeed at any cost, inclination to take the easy way out and lack of fear of the repercussions.

The second type of plagiarism is termed as unintentional plagiarism. This signifies inability to give the original writer his or her due without any pre-conceived notions. The reasons in this case could be lack of knowledge with regard to the parameters of the offense and inadequate skills of articulation.

No matter what the category or the motive behind the act; plagiarism is absolutely wrong. Firstly, it speaks volumes about the culprit’s dedication towards work and his or her integrity. Irrespective of the circumstance, plagiarism is undoubtedly a theft and an act of dishonesty. Secondly, by projecting someone else’s work as your own and deliberately hiding the source of reference, one is robbing the original writer of his or her due recognition. Thirdly, work submitting by students involved in plagiarism cannot be evaluated along with those who have toiled hard to produce their own thoughts on paper. It would be unjust to others to be judged at par with such fraud. Fourthly, plagiarism is a mark of disrespect to the mentors. The professors, teachers or mentors streamline their energy towards the enhancement of their students’ knowledge. Such an act of cheating is a definite breach of their trust.

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Why Is Plagiarism Wrong


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Why Is Plagiarism Wrong ? )
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