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     Criminal defense advice is the counseling that criminal defense lawyers and attorneys give to help resolve legal issues. Criminal defense lawyers provide services to the accused from arrest to trial and if necessary even help the accused to put in an appeal.


       However, many times it might be that a person is wrongly accused of a crime or is unable to afford the services of a criminal defense attorney. Under these circumstances, the person might have to take services of a pro bono lawyer but cannot be assured of getting justice. has taken this into consideration has complete information and resources for criminal cases. You will find articles and information guides on DUI, DWI, assault, felony, hit and run, misdemeanour, murder, parole violation, bail hearing, summons and many more.

         Even if you have committed a crime and want to approach an attorney to defend you, it is a good idea to do some research on similar cases so that you know what your attorney is talking about and what your rights are.

 will provide you criminal law advice that will give you an idea about the criminal justice procedure, the requirements needed to fight different types of criminal cases and legal consequences of different criminal behaviour.

           Armed with criminal law advice, you can either defend yourself or judge whether your attorney is doing what he is suppose to do correctly and effectively.

          Remember, our justice system says: Innocent Until Proven Guilty. You have as much right as the next person and you should know what they are. That is what criminal law advice will teach you and instil in you.

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Free Criminal Law Advice



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