Past And Recent Arson Investigation Technologies  

Some of the arson investigations in the past have not been successful in deciphering the cause and nature of the fire accidents due to outdated theories which were not scientifically proven.

Most of the conclusions were based on old beliefs and folk wisdom than truth. Hence, most of the conclusions were not right and innocent people were convicted.

However, in the recent past, some of the lab tests were proved wrong or unclear.

Nowadays, lot of advanced and innovative techniques has been developed to fight against arson fires. It has been found that with the economic slowdown, there is an alarming increase in the rate of arson fires especially in areas highly affected by the recession trends. These fires cost about $700,000,000 annually due to property damage claims.

One example of arson investigation technique called FIT-5 has been developed by ARA Safety, an organization which is leader in developing fire safety technology. The biggest challenge in prosecuting a person for arson fire is finding solid evidence that would clearly prove the convict as mostly, the evidence gets erased during the fire fighting process. But the FIT-5 technique developed by ARA safety helps in combating this challenge. The light weight tool uses an agent to extinguish fire within seconds without using water. Additionally, this extinguishing agent is eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment. This technology rapidly knocks the flames down and suppresses the temperatures which permit the firefighters to enter the scene safely and use lesser water to put off the fire.

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Past And Recent Arson Investigation Technologies

What-Is-The-Minimum-Sentence-For-Arson      An arson fire accident is caused when the fire accident is created deliberately resulting in destruction and damage of property and / or life. In order to prove that it is an arson fire, the investigator should have sufficient evidence to prove that at least one important factor which caused the fire has been tampered with a false motive. It could be heat, fuel source or oxygen. More..




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Past And Recent Arson Investigation Technologies )
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