Can I Get In The Army With A Misdemeanor Assault ?  

When it comes to enlisting in the army, everything about you is examined in a microscopic way and also using the magnifying glass. A misdemeanor assault is something that has been prosecuted, but nevertheless it is not a serious offense. When it comes to enlisting in the United States army, one should be careful.

Before you enlist, you should make sure you obtain waiver for any of the misdemeanors or offenses. The waiver is always given by an approved form of authority and it can be a battalion member or an executive officer. However, a lot of it depends on the type of misdemeanor and the nature of offense itself.

A misdemeanor offense can vary by several counts and can include a various different set of crimes. It can include anything from assault, battery, insulting the American flag, threatening, DUI charges and so on. Any smaller offense can be considered as misdemeanor.

In a large perspective, any type of offense that could have endangered others, but the result was not criminal is called a misdemeanor offense. So, the offense itself carried a potential danger. In order to get the waiver for such an act, you should first disclose the facts to the army officials. Even if you try to hide it, they have their ways to find out. Then you should also attend the interview scheduled by the officers where you would be required to disclose all past records of crime. You should never withhold any type of information and it is in your best interest.

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Can I Get In The Army With A Misdemeanor Assault ?

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Can I Get In The Army With A Misdemeanor Assault ? )
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