Sentence For Sexual Assault  

Any kind of assault is equivalent to battery, including sexual assault according to the common law of the US. Assault is considered as a misdemeanor and it also treated as a felony. A case of aggravated assault is clearly a felony and is punishable through jail time and sometimes heavy fines.

Sexual assault is an aggravated assault, and the perpetrator is sent to jail and will also require to pay fines. They are also labeled as sex offenders and are always under the watch of the law. Sexual assault on women or men is taken as a very serious issue and often the cases do not go overlooked. The sentence for sexual assault is governed by several factors like the age of the victim, for instance. If the age of the victim is lower than fourteen years, then it becomes a case of child abuse and the punishments can be severe.

If the sexual assault is like a rape, which led to permanent damage of the victim physically and mentally, then the person could face lifetime prison. If the sexual assault just ended in rape, then the person could still serve for 30 years in the jail. If the sexual assault has been through demeaning or leading actions, then the punishment can be anything from 10 to 15 years. However, the case and the proceedings and the presiding judge decide what the punishment for a case of a sexual assault would be. Child abusers are treated mercilessly by the court of law across the US. However, the number of evidence will decide the authenticity of the case because sexual abuse cases are very difficult to investigate.

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Sentence For Sexual Assault

Aggravated-Sexual-Assault-On-A-Child      Children are very delicate physically and mentally and most of us in the society do recognize it. However, there are several child abusers who can cause sexual assault in a child. More..




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