Why Is Bribery Illegal ?  

Bribery is a kind of corruption that exists in the society by and large. Bribery involves exchanging favors for favors, money or anything that benefits the person who is in a position to extend that favor. These benefits that are being extended at the cost of bribery can be at the cost of others, and also the person who is in position to offer a bribe is actually depriving those who cannot for the same kind of work to be done. Bribery means offering, giving, receiving or soliciting any kind of item or value that can influence the action of a person who is control, like an official or someone in the legal system.

Bribery can take place in every kind of organization and sometimes when it is practiced by and large it can dangerous for the society. Even criminals and people who are bad for the society can bribe their way out if it becomes the norm. For example, a person who is in politics can bribe their way to a position of power if they can bribe their way into the system. They may not have any credentials for being in a position of a politician, but they manage because of bribery. In the same way, bribery in the education system can cause harm to several deserving students. Children who have money can bribe their way into important courses when they do not have any aptitude but students who work much harder for it may be deprived of the same. That is why bribery is considered as unethical and illegal.

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Why Is Bribery Illegal ?

Bribery-And-Ethics      Ethics is not something that is taught to people but is inborn. When people grow up in a certain environment, they automatically learn it. So, basically ethical behavior is not something that is a global standard. In some areas of the world, bribery is a standard. Bribery is mainly caused because of the economic backlogs which are created by the political system mainly. When the political system of a certain country is corrupted, then it is difficult for the people of that country to prosper. More..




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Why Is Bribery Illegal ? )
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