Definition Of Burglary  

Burglary is a crime and it is something like theft or robbery. Burglary in legal terms is defined as the act of breaking in and entering into the dwelling of another person at nighttime with the objective of committing a felony. According to the laws of the United States, burglary is seen as a felony. And, it also includes other terms like trespassing or entering a building without the permission.

If a person enters a building without the intention of any crime, then it may not be considered as burglary. However, declaring the intention and proving it is another story altogether. However, one has to qualify something called the three strike law. That is nothing of value was stolen whether it is high or low value.

Also, the legal definition of burglary can be different in other countries. For example in England it is the act of theft and it does not say anything about entering a property. However, the rules on burglary can be governed by the local environment and the way the society is built. The legal system in England is much more complicated than in the United States of America. In the United States, if a person has clearly mentioned by putting up a board on their property saying that trespassers will be prosecuted, then it is best not to go even 10 feet close to the property. It may be termed as burglary if you do so and whatever your intention may be. Burglary is a large crime because it dangers the safety of the residents and also people who live on the property feel unguarded.

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Definition Of Burglary

Difference-Between-Theft-And-Burglary      Burglary is the intent of breaking into a property without the consent and with the objective of committing a crime. When a person breaks into a house with the aim of stealing or harming someone, it is called burglary. Also, if a property owner clearly states that trespassing on their property will attract prosecution, and a person still does not obey the wishes, it is considered as burglary. More..




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Definition Of Burglary )
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