Sentencing Guidelines For Burglary  

Burglary means breaking into someone’s property unauthorized with intent to commit a crime and it can be anything from robbery to stealing or any other intention. When it comes to determining the burglary cases, the intention of the person needs to be clear. It can be anything from a house breaking crime to breaking into offices, and the object that has to be stolen can be of low or high value.

The definition of burglary mainly stresses on terms like breaking in and entering. So, basically the legal system views it as a purpose for entering the building to do something illegal. Most of the times, the offense is theft. However, it depends on the jurisdiction as to what it determines as burglary. In the United States, every state could differ with a small number of statutes that are different when it comes to burglary.

The statutes of burglary vary from state to state, and some may have more stringent rules for it, depending on the locality. For example, if an area is such where bureaucrats and politicians live, then burglary in such areas can have much more stringent punishments. In case of a theft, there is much to be lost. For example, breaking and entering into the White House would be considered as a serious crime compared to breaking and entering into a normal household in the neighborhood. In high profile areas, it is also seen as security breach. So, the punishment for burglary may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of intent based on which the burglary took place.

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Sentencing Guidelines For Burglary

What-Is-Aggravated-Burglary      Burglary is also known as breaking and entering or housebreaking sometimes. No matter what it is termed as, it is a crime and the aim of breaking into a certain property is determined to judge how grave the burglary could have been. In some areas, burglary is more common, while in some other places it is not. More..




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