Death Penalty Or Life In Prison Cost  

The United States is one of the few nations in the world that still uses the death penalty for certain crimes. Many are against capital punishment as it is “barbaric” or against “American values”. Some feel that death penalty acts as a deterrent for certain crimes like murder.  It has been a matter of debate in the US as to whether death penalty is better than life imprisonment or vice versa.

Many interpret death penalty as violation of the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which prevents the use of “cruel and unusual punishment”. Whether it is a gas chamber or a firing squad, most feel that it is inhuman to allow state-sanctioned “murder” before a crowd of people.

Some feel that life imprisonment is a more effective deterrent than death penalty. In fact, it is a worse punishment than the latter as a person suffers and feels guilty for decades. Prisoners live an internal environment of violence. The suffering for death penalty is instant.

There are many cases where innocent individuals are put to death. This is because of imperfect justice system where poor defendants are given minimum legal attention and hence, suffer more. Therefore, death penalty should be banned because of the imperfect judicial system.

For supporters of death penalty, the reasons are more practical and concrete. There should be a variety of punishments in order to minimize crime. Death penalty acts as a deterrent in areas where murder, felony and rape are rampant. Moreover, prisoner parole can give criminals more chances to commit crimes.

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Death Penalty Or Life In Prison Cost

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Death Penalty Or Life In Prison Cost )
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