Can You Charge Ex Spouse For Credit Card Fraud ?  

Credit card fraud is growing rampantly in the United States.

Although there seems to be a misconception that the only the credit card issuers and merchants are the sufferers of credit card fraud, in reality consumers are the ones who suffer the most. Today, it is not even possible to trust an ex-spouse when it comes to credit card fraud.

There have been many instances where ex-spouses have perpetrated credit card fraud. The reasons behind this are many -- revenge, willfulness, or just the desire to use the card without worrying about the consequences. So, what happens to all those people whose ex-spouse indulge in credit card fraud and implicate them in bargain? Can they charge ex-spouse for credit card fraud? Or do they have to bear the consequences?

If you figure out after your divorce that by using your name, your ex-spouse has committed credit card fraud, you should immediately inform the credit card company and police. You would need to file a complaint with the police and then send a copy of the complaint to the credit card company for them to take further actions. You may also be required to fax your divorce decree to prove your side of the story. This has to be done otherwise you will be the one with a bad credit report and this fraud will show up in your credit history.

In addition, make sure that you cancel the card and get details of who have spoken to for your records. Do not rest until you take all these steps or you will be the one paying for your ex-spouses criminal activities.

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Can You Charge Ex Spouse For Credit Card Fraud

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Can You Charge Ex Spouse For Credit Card Fraud ? )
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