Credit Card Fraud Statistics In United States  

Credit card fraud is at an all time high in the US and for the last few decades the statistics only have been increasing consistently. These days everyone uses credit card for transacting. The number of credit card frauds is also increasing as a result.

With the introduction of newer and newer technologies in the market, people are finding different ways to get personal information through network hacking. As the technology is getting better, the hackers also are getting better. They are developing more sophisticated tools to hack complicated networks. Credit card scams have taken several forms in the US like identity theft, stealing credit card numbers through some scam emails and also taking personal information and creating false credit card accounts on the person’s name. These are some of the most common kind of scams that are prevalent in the US today.

Unfortunately there is no warning system that can help when it is a credit card scam or fraud. People often realize only after the damage is done. This is the biggest draw back about internet security. There is still no perfect security software in the world that can guarantee the safety of the consumers. The more the options the more frequent and prevalent the crime becomes. Even though the internet is the best and most convenient way to shop the biggest risk is the theft of financial security. The credit card fraud leads to nearly 200 million dollars of loss every year in the United States alone.

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Credit Card Fraud Statistics In United States

Credit-Fraud-Detection-Methods      Credit card fraud is one of the most common kinds of cyber crimes that are eating away into the consumer economy. Whenever there is a credit card theft, the person goes through several problems including some dents on their credit reports. The most common medium of credit card fraud is the internet. People are used to shopping on the web because it is convenient and also the deals are always better on the internet. Also, hundreds of users store their financial information on the website that they visit frequently. More..




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