Criminal Justice Responses To Domestic Violence  

Domestic violence is common to several marriages in the United States of America. Several couples go through difficult patches in their marriage and often it leads to violence and mean incidences within the couples relationship. Surprisingly, some of the statistics on divorce show that the rate of domestic violence is much less in people who have married the second or third time. However, there are several attributing factors like the spouse could be more prepared to look for the warning signs of violence.

However, when it comes to marital conflicts, the couple should be able to differentiate domestic violence from everyday squabbles that they can have in their marital life. Domestic violence means a complete break down in communication between the couple. Only one person calls the shots and if that person cannot then they will break down the communication with the spouse. Sometimes, domestic violence can also lead to physical violence.

However, as per today’s law, domestic violence is being viewed differently. The justice system has learnt to recognize that domestic violence can be a more severe case of psychiatric problem and one of the spouses becomes an endless sufferer. In today’s world, men and women can seek divorce on the grounds of domestic violence because it is highly prevalent. Also, when both the spouses can act modestly and in a fashion of maturity, there is no reason for one of them to go through any kind of abuse. However, the spouse that is suffering should be able to point out details of the violence in an accurate way. Often spouses who have been abused under domestic violence suffer from various causes. They are programmed to believe that they are wrong by the abuser.

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Criminal Justice Responses To Domestic Violence

Defending-Yourself-In-Court-Against-Domestic-Violence-Charge      Domestic violence is a very common scenario in several marriages. Several people, who are the victims of domestic violence, often do not realize it until they are exposed to the signs of it. Only a marriage councilor or a good friend manages to bring out the pattern of their marital relationship. More..




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Criminal Justice Responses To Domestic Violence )
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