Proof Of Domestic Violence  

Domestic violence is the kind of violence when there is physical abuse involved or when someone threatens to hit you and in most cases it is your own spouse. In order to prove case of domestic violence in the court, you would need evidence. The typical kind of evidence that can be presented is photographs taken of the violence, like wounds and also marks that occurred as a result of abuse on the body.

Secondly, one can also record conversations or events through a tape recorder or camera. However, unfortunately, this kind of evidence is hard to collect because you never can predict the behavior pattern of the abuser. The abused victim also has to lodge a police complaint of the abuse and make a legal record of the incident. In case the physical abuse is becoming more severe, then you should also make a 911 call and this will also be valid proof that you reached out for help at the right time.

A councilor who has been offering marriage counseling can also help to determine if he or she exhibits symptoms of violence. Often women who have been physically abused try to hide themselves and are seen hiding their hurt. However, if you are interested in collecting proof, then you should also let people witness your hurt. You also need to make list of witnesses who are willing to testify for you. Also, make sure you collect medical records every time you have been injured. In addition, make sure that your face is seen in the photographs.

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Proof Of Domestic Violence

Role-Of-Self-Determined-Goals-In-Predicting-Recidivism-In-Domestic-Violence-Offenders      Where domestic violence is concerned, the abusers are often addicted to their wrong behavior. Will the abusers ever change their behavior on their own is a very difficult thing to say and it cannot happen on their own. The abuser always needs a target and it is always the spouse. Also, many abusers are in denial. They just do not believe that they need help. More..




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