Role Of Self Determined Goals In Predicting Recidivism In Domestic Violence Offenders  

Where domestic violence is concerned, the abusers are often addicted to their wrong behavior. Will the abusers ever change their behavior on their own is a very difficult thing to say and it cannot happen on their own. The abuser always needs a target and it is always the spouse. Also, many abusers are in denial. They just do not believe that they need help.

However, as the spouse if you change your behavior and set the expectations right in a systematic fashion, the goals for self restraint can be taught to the abuser. For instance, if you have been physically abused several times and you have kept quiet thinking that it was just a one off incident, then it will continue and with more gravity every time it reoccurs. The best action to take is to report the incident and let the cops handle the abuser once. Sometimes, the abuser needs a higher authority to teach a lesson which they will never understand otherwise.

So, the corrective behavior mostly depends in altering the victims own behavior in such a way that the abuser gets discouraged. Domestic abusers often enjoy the feeling of being in a position to control the spouse and that gives them a feeling of greatness. However, a lot of goals can only be achieved after undergoing counseling. The couple has to go through marriage counseling and depending on the severity of the case the councilor will suggest changes in the person. However, it does help to build the self esteem in the victim and also show the abuser that what they are doing is wrong.

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Role Of Self Determined Goals In Predicting Recidivism In Domestic Violence Offenders

Theories-On-Domestic-Violence      Domestic violence is the type of violence which involves physical, emotional and mental abuse of the spouse. There are many married couples in the US today that go through domestic violence. It is also a very common scenario and actually there are no tell tale signs of an abuser so that you can avoid marrying them. More..




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Role Of Self Determined Goals In Predicting Recidivism In Domestic Violence Offenders )
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