Theories On Domestic Violence  

Domestic violence is the type of violence which involves physical, emotional and mental abuse of the spouse. There are many married couples in the US today that go through domestic violence. It is also a very common scenario and actually there are no tell tale signs of an abuser so that you can avoid marrying them.

There are several theories on domestic violence which have been explained by psychiatrists. Some of them are that when men go through mid life crisis they can become extremely depressed and become abusers gradually. One of the theories strongly suggests that the cause of domestic violence is low self esteem. However, all men and women who have been through domestic violence have suffered similar events and also share the same tell tale symptoms. The abuser often programs their victim and their behavior is cyclical. They also trade the blame back and make the victim look bad.

The birth of abusive behavior comes from very low self esteem. They have lost confidence and actually it can be because of a job loss or some severe incident. Nobody is born as an abuser and it is the series of events that makes them the people they are. The pattern of domestic violence can also trace back to the abusers childhood. Even his or her own parents may have a role to play in the domestic violence because they may have caused the person emotional stress or childhood depression.

However, the problem of abusive behavior is still not regarded as a psychiatric problem because it can be rectified through counseling and other medium. Therefore, it is not a disorder.

Another theory contends that domestic violence occurs due to personality disorder, while one theory claims that this kind of violence is because the perpetrator wants to control and have power over the victim. Social learning theory claims that if a person was witness to domestic violence during childhood, then he or she will imitate the behavior, and hence, when the person grows up, he or she has a tendency towards domestic violence.

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Theories On Domestic Violence

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