Are Dui Laws Too Tough ?  

DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol. Yes, the laws regarding DUI have become extremely difficult to deal with because the incidents of death and severe accidents have risen to uncontrollable levels on account of drunken driving. There are some people who contend that the laws are still not tough enough.

When a person is drunk and driving a vehicle, he or she is as good as a potential war weapon. The only difference is that they could harm themselves or people on the road. The United States traffic system boasts of being the safest among several countries and yet drunken driving causes uncountable number of fatalities.

Initially, DUI laws where more relaxed and they would excuse cases where the drivers were caught drunk, but caused no harm were let off with a fine. However, today the DUI laws are extremely stringent and the law is that nobody should drive when they are drunk. There is no excuse and it is directly treated as an offense.

Yes, of late after the recent incidents of traffic violations, DUI laws seem to gotten tougher by the day. If caught once under the influence of alcohol, you face the threat of cancellation of driver’s license. Even if you have violated traffic laws like over shooting a stop signal or exceeding speed limits then the offense may be treated more severe because of the alcohol influence.

Science has proven repeatedly that the effect of alcohol can be bad upon a person. It hampers their logical reasoning and also a person has poor vision under the influence of alcohol. Keeping all these factors in mind the traffic law courts have decided that driving under the influence of alcohol is just an inexcusable act.

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Are Dui Laws Too Tough

Do-I-Need-A-Lawyer-For-My-First-Dui      DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol. These days DUI crimes are viewed very seriously, and whether it is your first one or the third one, your driver's license still faces the risk of cancellation. However, if you have been caught drunken driving, then in all probability you will need a lawyer even though it is the first time that you are being caught. It is better to have a lawyer because you do not know how severe the charges could be and you do not want to risk your records when it can be avoided. More..




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