How To Beat A Dui In California ?  

DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol. It is a legally wrong thing to do because you are not only endangering your life, but also the lives of others on the road. People who are driving back safe can also lose their lives if you have a car crash just because you were drunk.

The cops come to know on highways and freeways if a certain person is drunk because of the behavior of the vehicle. Also, under the influence alcohol people do not have clear vision and also have problems with judgment. Most people when they are drunk obviously overshoot the speed limit and using these parameters the cops end up catching people who have had alcohol and are driving. Most of the cases of drunken driving usually take place during the night. Also, night time is more vigilant period fro the cops. The charges for drunken driving are very high and it also differs from state to state. In some states like California and Michigan the charges are extremely high.

Nobody can actually beat the charges of DUI in California and once you are caught, you are not let off easily. The police start monitoring you regularly and also a charge sheet is filed on your name. If you repeat the incident, then the driver’s license is seized and also you can be sent to rehab. All these will be charged on your insurance or you have to pay for it if you want your driver’s license back.

You can only fight a DUI charge in California if you were booked without any reason. In that case you can show discrepancy in how the police officer tested you and how you managed to pass the field sobriety test without stumbling over. Make sure that you hire a skilled and experienced lawyer to fight your case.

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How To Beat A Dui In California

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