Penalty For Felony Dwi  

A felony is a crime that can be minor or major. A felony according to legal definition is a crime that could mean a theft, harming someone or even breaking the rules set by law. When it comes to traffic offenses felony and other charges are treated more seriously. When it comes to DWI, the charges of felony can vary variously. It also depends on state to state. A DWI is a felony when the incident occurs when the driver kills or harms someone while being intoxicated and driving. Otherwise, DWI is usually a misdemeanor.

DWI means driving while intoxicated, and everyone is aware of what the term could mean. The penalty could mean anything for DWI like loss of license, fines, jail time, counseling, community service or even impounding of vehicle for a certain period of time.

When you are caught in a felony, which is driving while intoxicated, anything can happen. For instance, the police can seize the vehicle registration, driver’s license and even your vehicle. They will only return it after a prolonged court case which you would not like to face. They can also seize the insurance papers if they like and there is no stopping them. You can face jail time, be handcuffed and taken behind the bars. Mug shots of you will be taken and also you are not allowed to speak. In addition, the penalty for DWI felony could involve mandatory alcohol treatment, DWI awareness classes or installation of a vehicle ignition interlock breath testing device to measure a person's blood alcohol levels.

In typical scenarios, a phone call is allowed but sometimes even that is denied. Then cops take evidence like urine and blood test so that the influence of alcohol or drug can be proven.

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Penalty For Felony Dwi

What-Is-The-Charge-For-A-Dui      DUI means driving under influence, and the influence can be anything but the most common case is alcohol. When a person is found driving under the influence of alcohol, the first thing they are checked for the amount of alcohol present in the blood and urine. In addition, they will be subjected to breathalyzer test. If the breathalyzer determines that you are drunk, then various charges such as DUI or DWI are applied on you. More..




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