What Is The Charge For A Dui ?  

DUI means driving under influence, and the influence can be anything but the most common case is alcohol. When a person is found driving under the influence of alcohol, the first thing they are checked for the amount of alcohol present in the blood and urine. In addition, they will be subjected to breathalyzer test. If the breathalyzer determines that you are drunk, then various charges such as DUI or DWI are applied on you.

When you are drunk, you are impaired mentally and also physically to an extent. So, therefore, when you are drunk, you are driving with impaired abilities. Typically, after drinking you should not be driving a vehicle on the road and if you are, then you are punishable.

The charge for DUI depends on several factors. If it is a first time offense and if you have a lawyer to support you, then you may be let off with a heavy fine. Otherwise, it could also mean jail time and rehab for you. You could also lose your driving license for a stipulated period of time.

Several accidents take place in the United States because of irresponsible behavior of people who drive under the influence of alcohol. Since the incidents of accident are increasing the government has decided to make the traffic rules for DUI even more stringent. Right now in the United States there is no excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol. The charge of DUI varies according to the crime. If it is the second or third time that you are being caught, then everything from license, to loss of vehicle registration and even the vehicle can be seized from you.

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What Is The Charge For A Dui

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