Fire Employee For Theft  

Employee theft is a serious issue in a business concern. Business and organizations suffer over $50 billion every year due to employee theft.

According to national estimates, 75 percent of all employees steal, use or misuse assets from their employers at least once a year. As per the survey conducted by CareerBuilder, more employees in the IT, healthcare, and manufacturing industries admitted to theft at the office than employees in the retail, hospitality and sales.

An employer has the right to fire an employee due to embezzlement if he or she has enough documented proof against the employee. According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 40 percent of hiring managers have fired an employee for theft at their office, 45 percent of hiring managers would fire someone automatically if they discovered theft, while 7 percent would not fire the thief. Still, about 48 percent of hiring managers were confused when it came to firing an employee as the organization did not have a clear cut policy regarding employee theft.

It is also recommended that you consult a legal counsel before firing an employee for theft. It is very important to document any proof before firing an employee. If there is no evidence, it would mean a wrong termination and the employee would be entitled compensation. But circumstantial evidence is enough for firing an employee. For example, if your company never had any thefts and you hire a new employee, and there is a theft, it can be concluded that the theft was committed by the new employee and these are sufficient grounds to terminate the services of that employee.

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Fire Employee For Theft

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