What Is An Expungement ?  

Expungement is a legal procedure that clears the criminal records from your public records and gives you a chance to lead a clean life again. Depending on the crime, expungement can be done immediately or it can take several years or in some cases, it is not even possible. A person should have the knowledge of what kind of crimes can be expunged and what cannot be.

There are different kinds of crimes which categorize into the qualification for an expungement. When you want the records to be clean, you should file for an expungement of records with the state court. And, it depends on court's jurisdiction and values whether the records will be expunged or not. The decision lies in the hands of the judge in all cases.

Even juvenile crimes can be expunged however it depends on how the case was ruled. If you have not been charged for a crime and were not even arrested then you can file for an expungement immediately. However, if you have been charged in a case but not arrested, then the expungement can take nearly one year. If you went to prison on criminal charges, then the expungement can take any time from four to ten years. So, the criteria and eligibility for expungement varies according to the level of crime. Some kinds of crime which have bane termed as violent or forced cannot be expunged from the records. You will be seen as a danger to the society and will always be kept under the vigilance of law.

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What Is An Expungement ?

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What Is An Expungement ? )
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