What Are Some Examples Of Extortion ?  

Extortion is committed when a person gets money, goods, services or desired behavior from another person by threatening or inflicting to the person, his/her property or his/her reputation.

Extortion is quite different from robbery and two should not be mistaken to be one and the same. In extortion, the victim gives his consent, albeit unlawfully.

That is why extortion is also considered to be a crime and offense.

Extortion is a white collar crime because invariably it takes place in a business or professional setting. Public officials, business officials, police officers or government officials can be guilty of committing this crime when they request for money or property that is not legally owed to them.

Blackmail, bribery and ransom are also types of extortion. Extortion is a felony crime and it is punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines. All the states have law pertaining to extortion and the penalty for the crime depend on the state law and the nature of the crime.

Here are some examples of extortion that have been reported by the media.

One popular extortion was case was that of Michael Jordan and his ex-girlfriend. According to Jordan, his ex-girlfriend tried to extort 5 million dollars from and if he did not pay, she was going to reveal the affair they had years ago. Jordan has claimed to pay her two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ten years ago to keep silent about their affair. However, now the former girlfriend threatened to go public if the Jordan did not pay her an addition five million dollars.

The other example of extortion involves media tycoon Michael Bloomberg, whose business was hacked by two men, Oleg Zezov and Igor Yarimaka. The two men tried to extort two hundred thousand from Bloomberg as consulting fee to keep quiet about how they hacked into Byzantine Bloomberg's computer system. However, the two men where apprehended when they came up to collect their money and were charged with three counts of felony, including extortion and unauthorized intrusion into computers.

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What Are Some Examples Of Extortion

What-Are-The-Elements-Of-Extortion      Extortion has always been considered to be synonymous with blackmail. Usually extortion involves taking money, goods, services, property or getting desired behavior from a person due to threat of inflicting harm to him, his family, his business or his reputation. Extortion is a crime as the victim is forced into the situation through unlawful means. More..




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What Are Some Examples Of Extortion ? )
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