What Is The Penalty For Extortion ?  

Extortion is a criminal offense which involves getting money, good, services, property or desired behavior from a person by threatening to harm the person, his family, his friends, his reputation or his business.

In extortion, the victim gives consent but since this consent is taken unlawfully, the entire act becomes a crime.

Usually extortion is viewed as a white collar crime because it is mostly committed in business or professional settings. However, public officials, government officers or law enforcement officials can be part of extortion whereby they demand for money or property that is not legally theirs. When public officials, law enforcement officials or government officials commit extortion, it is considered to be abuse of authority of office.

A person charged with extortion should be prepared to face imprisonment and pay substantial fines. Extortion is deemed a felony crime as per the legal statutes and laws in the United States. All the states as well as the federal government have laws to tackle extortion. However, penalty for extortion varies from state to state depending on the statutes.

As a rule of the thumb, maximum penalty for extortion is 20 years in prison and this is prevalent in most states. The same is also true under the federal law. However, the penalty of extortion varies depending on the severity the threat and the amount of money, property, goods and services is demanded or the harm the offender intended to do to the victim.

Anyone accused of extortion should ensure that he gets himself a good lawyer to fight the charges.

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What Is The Penalty For Extortion

Extortion-Statistics      Many people associate extortion with organized crime. However, even people in public offices can ask for money, which is a type of extortion. Extortion is defined as the attempt to get money from a person by threatening or inflicting harm on the person or his/her reputation. Hush money, bribe and ransom are forms of extortion. More..




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