How Do I Add A Fraud Alert To My Credit Report ?  

A fraud alert is nothing but a pre-notification which alerts you when your credit report containing personal information is being stolen by an unauthorized person. In an event of any business checking your credit report comes across any fraud alert, it must take additional precautions to ensure that the person asking for credit is you in reality. One can put a fraud alert in his or her credit report free of cost.

There are two kinds of fraud alerts. The initial fraud alert is one in which the alert remains for ninety days. When someone tries to access your personal information such as Social Security number, you may add a fraud alert to enable any business to initiate additional steps to identify that the person trying to access information is actually you. The period for an extended fraud alert is for seven years. Extended fraud alert is actually meant for those who have been already duped by identity theft. In order to ask for extended fraud alert, you need to supply the credit bureau a report from law enforcement agency stating that you had been duped earlier by identity theft.

There is one more type of fraud alert which is applicable for people employed in the military. This is known as an active duty alert. Since military personnel need to go on duty overseas, this type of fraud alert has certain additional features. Otherwise it is same as the initial fraud alert, but duration is for a year.

To place any of these fraud alerts, contact one of the 3 main credit bureaus. This request can be done over the phone, followed by a letter in writing. Equifax and Experian are two credit bureaus that allow people to use online forms to place a request for the initial fraud alert of ninety days.

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How Do I Add A Fraud Alert To My Credit Report ?

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How Do I Add A Fraud Alert To My Credit Report ? )
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