How To Report Mail Fraud ?  

In this day and age mail fraud is very common. Mail fraud has been considered as a federal crime, and timely action can put the criminal behind bars. You need to act promptly once you suspect such mail frauds. Reporting immediately would be the first action.

You must be able to point out a fraud mail. Mails such as opportunities to work from home, winning money in a foreign lottery, marketing schemes, paying fee to join some group of friends, investment opportunities, free gifts and prizes, contesting on games etc are nothing but fraud mails.

When you receive such mails, report this mail in the fraud reporting form that you can avail from the U.S Postal Inspection Service website. The entries marked as red are mandatory fields which you must not leave blank. Your correct information will help the inspecting agency to inspect properly. You will find one space for writing the reason for feeling the mail fraud. Be precise while entering this information as space provided is quite less. The subject mail must be stored in a safer side. After going through your form, if the Postal Inspection Service deems it necessary, they will reach back to you and may ask you to show such fraudulent mails.

Not only it is important to be aware of such fraud mails yourself, it is equally important to educate and warn others about such mails. You may visit any of the consumer’s website that advises about fraud mails and fill out a form to advise and warn others about the fraud mail received by you.

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How To Report Mail Fraud ?

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