What Are The Charges For Credit Card Fraud ?  

Credit card fraud is viewed as a serious offence by the US court of law. There are heavy penalties once it is confirmed. Well, if you have accused or have fallen prey to such fraud, then you might be requiring some information about its legal consequences. Here are some details given about the charges for credit card frauds.

There are various aspects about a credit card fraud. You must know that it is more than just stealing a card. According to the U.S laws, any unauthorized person is prohibited to obtain any kind of personal information from the bank or otherwise from the credit card statements or any bank financial records. One cannot utilize this information to gain monetary benefits. Prosecution of credit card frauds is dealt by the US Secret Service. The cases may also be shared by other state and federal agencies.

According to the Title 18 of the US Code, Section 1029, the simplest of credit card fraud can take the victim to jail for ten years. If the case is even more serious, then the conviction term can be extended further to even twenty years. Apart from this, the court may also order for capture of personal property, which had been used to repay the amount involved in the fraud. Personal property includes things like houses, computer, equipment and money.

Credit card frauds perpetrated via the Internet are very common these days. Criminals send “phishing” mails to extract information about you. These mails come in a manner as if they have originated from a real financial institution. Therefore, while giving your credit card details confirm with whom you are dealing with. Criminals usually engage people in social engineering strategies to dig out personal information and, thus, use this information to commit credit card fraud.

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What Are The Charges For Credit Card Fraud ?

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What Are The Charges For Credit Card Fraud ? )
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