Where Do I Report Email Fraud To The Government ?  

U.S citizens have been prime targets of emails frauds because of various factors such as hi-tech lifestyle, global status and wide internet penetration. Even people based in Nigeria have become victims of such frauds. On receipt of any suspicious email, you should immediately forward it to the FBI and the FTC. There is another center where you can report such emails. It is IC3, which stands for Internet Crime Complaint. This agency works in collaboration with the FBI, National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Besides this, there are some more ways in which such fraudulent emails can be reported. You can report these emails as spam or simply forward such mails to the company in question. Large businesses usually have special sections that deal with such kinds of fraudsters. One example is Pay Pal. This company has set up its own anti-fraud department to observe fraudulent incidents taking place on its website.

There are some scammers who aim to attack banks or government set ups. There was a case recently where a fraudulent email was circulating which imitated the National Tax Revenue office and managed to scam many people. Such mails should always be immediately reported as these emails can snatch vital personal information and can ruin a person completely. One can even report these fraudulent mails to the ISP or emails providers. Popular email providers like Hotmail and Gmail have been targets themselves by many hackers and scammers. Therefore, any report is dealt with seriously.

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Where Do I Report Email Fraud To The Government ?

Definitions-Of-Fraud      Fraud is a falsification, which is done intentionally that results in damages to a person, primarily financial setbacks. People consider lying as a part of fraud, but in actual legal terms lying is just one tiny component of fraud. You would quite often notice a salesman lying and hiding about his origin, and family history, but as long as he is honest about the product he is intending to sell, he may not be considered a fraud. In case the same sales person intentionally presents the product in a false manner causing financial losses to the customer, he then can be considered as a fraud. More..




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Where Do I Report Email Fraud To The Government ? )
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