Neighbor Harassment Laws  

There are no national laws regarding neighbor harassment unluckily. But, there exist different state laws on this particular aspect. To find out the laws, you have to get in touch with the relevant authorities of your respective state or county. Each state has its own neighbor harassment law.

Let us find out what happens in California if an individual harasses his neighbor. Harassment in California means a repeated act intended to make somebody feel insecure and unsafe. A harasser is one who intentionally tries to create unlawful violence or threatens the subject. It, however, does not include any violence that is a result of self defense. In this state, harassment is considered as a sequence of actions that has the same intention as building violence. It has an exception for those actions which are considered as an individual’s constitutional right.

When a person reports about neighbor harassment after showing necessary evidence, the court orders a temporary warning order for fifteen to twenty two days. After this period the order expires. Within this time, a court case must be initiated and the jurisdiction must be able to ascertain the actual cause of harassment and prove that the case is justified. If this happens, then the warning period gets extended for further three years. All along the warning period the harasser may not keep or buy a firearm.

Neighbor harassment law of California includes all acts of harassment by neighbors. Even the restraining order laws encompass all these acts. Upon proving during the warning order period, the judge may also order for removing and barring the harassing neighbor from their place of residence.

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Neighbor Harassment Laws

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