What Constitutes Harassment ?  

The various features of harassment are the victim is being offended, embarrassed and scarred by the harasser. Harassment is another form of crime. When proved, this can lead to prosecution. It implies actions of a person or a group of people who intentionally sends repeated messages, makes threatening calls or frequently sends across unwanted gifts. In other ways, it also implies behavior such as following the victim, watching him or her continuously, visiting the work place or home repeatedly. This behavior is also known as stalking.

Harassment also refers to intentionally exposing things or objects that are objectionable, obscene or shameful. At times, a romantic obsession can also take the form of harassment. In such a situation, the harasser does not intentionally try to harass the victim, but tries to prove true love, which is not accepted by the victim. Thus, it is said to be harassment. The law accepts that this kind of behavior. Although may not be done intentionally, but if it disrupts the metal and emotional state of the victim, then it can be considered under the prerogative of harassment.

One of the biggest problem associated with harassment is it is very distressing and extremely hard to prove. One has to show sufficient evidence to prove it in the court of law. For this, the moment one faces any harassment incident, he or she should start recording the facts which include the date, time and place of incidence, and also its frequency and other details. If possible, get few eyewitnesses who can support your statement. Once proved, you can get a restraining order, and the harasser will be punished based on the severity of crime.

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What Constitutes Harassment ?

What-Is-The-Legal-Definition-Of-Harassment      Harassment may be defined as a repeated methodical action that is done by a person or group of people with an intention to annoy or create threat and demands on another person or group of people. The reason to harass can be different. It could be due to racial prejudice, personal differences, asking sexual favors, forcing someone to quit a job, putting illegitimate pressure for demanding debts, unwanted romantic expression, stalking, or sometimes just a sadistic pleasure arising by making somebody feel fearful and anxious. Harassment can mean lawsuit if it intends to blackmail a person or it demands something out of him in return. More..




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What Constitutes Harassment ? )
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