What Is Negligent Homicide ?  

Homicide in the broader sense implies killing of a person by another person. In different jurisdictions, the same definition varies. Homicide has two broad categories in the U.S. One is criminal and the other is non-criminal. Killing occurring due to self defense or accidents forms part of non-criminal homicide. Criminal homicide could be murder of first and second degrees, or intentionally manslaughter or un-intentionally manslaughter due to recklessness or criminal negligence. The U.S. laws state reckless homicide as more offensive than negligent homicide.

A negligent homicide is one which could be either active or passive, and can be either criminal or non criminal in nature. A passive negligent homicide is one in which the individual fails to adhere to the law that is imposed on all. Whereas, active negligent homicide is one in which a person fails to adhere to the law or carry out a particular duty that is specific to that person, or in case when the individual agrees to such law. Criminal negligence is quite different from ordinary negligence, and involves completely unusual behavior as compared to normal behavior that an ordinary negligent person would exhibit.

Negligent homicide would mean killing of a human being with lesser misdemeanor, for example cases related to motor vehicle-related killings due to alcohol involvement. Also, serious negligence in medicine and surgery leading to death of an individual will also be included in negligent homicide. Negligent homicide occurring in vehicle or motor accidents can be considered as a murder of a human being and can be charged as a crime.

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What Is Negligent Homicide ?

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What Is Negligent Homicide ? )
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