Defintion Of Identity Theft  

With the advent of internet, identity theft is becoming one of the easiest ways to hack into others accounts. Popularly known as ID theft, it is a crime that involves stealing others personal information and using it for their benefit. The thief might steal the social security number or even your bank details in such cases.

The thief poses as you and can commit numerous crimes before escaping. More often than not, the crimes are attributed to the innocent person while the real culprit manages to get away easily. In some cases, the thief makes use of your personal information to apply for immigration and flee the country even before you realize that something is wrong.

The thief can act in two ways in this regard, namely:

Account Takeover: Here, the culprit makes use of your personal information to access your bank accounts and other existing accounts. He then obtains credits. In some cases, the thief will even change your home address using the information available, making sure that you do not receive any credit bills.

True Name Identity Theft: Here, the thief will access your personal information to create a different account. This could be a new credit card account, bank account to obtain bank check, etc. This is a more serious issue. Sometimes, the culprit may use this information to immigrate into another country and escape a crime he committed in the existing country.

Getting hold of the culprit is a little difficult because he/she uses the internet to gain vital access. The culprit just needs a few set of numbers and your name that strikes right.

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Defintion Of Identity Theft

How-Many-People-Are-Victims-Of-Identity-Theft      Identity theft is becoming a serious concern these days. With multiple ways to get hold of a person’s personal information, thieves and mischief mongers can go to any lengths to use your information for their benefits. In most cases, by the time you realize something is wrong the damage is already done. More..




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