How Many People Are Victims Of Identity Theft ?  

Identity theft is becoming a serious concern these days. With multiple ways to get hold of a person’s personal information, thieves and mischief mongers can go to any lengths to use your information for their benefits. In most cases, by the time you realize something is wrong the damage is already done.

Using the internet to hack a person’s computer is one method for obtaining important information like social security number and bank account details. The person can also get hold of your driving license number, birthdays, home address, etc. These vital links are sufficient for the culprit to get access into your bank account, create a new cellular connection in your name or obtain credits. The thief might then extort exuberant amounts of money to use for his personal requirements making you bankrupt.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, nearly nine million Americans are affected by identity theft at some point or the other. While 11 percent of the crimes are committed online, nearly forty-three percent of the crimes are committed by stealing wallets, important documents, rummaging through garbage bins to get hold of vital papers that have not been shredded correctly. Another technique is over hearing the person’s conversation with someone else and noting down essential details.

If you notice some unusual transactions being made, report the same to the police immediately. Give a copy of the transactions to the police department. A specific identity theft complaint has to be filed in this regard. Check your credit reports periodically. Remember to shred important papers thoroughly before disposing them off in bins.

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How Many People Are Victims Of Identity Theft ?

How-To-Investigate-Identity-Theft      Identity theft is a crime that involves using your identity by an unknown person to make illegal or unwarranted transactions without your consent. This could be drawing check from your bank account, using your Social Security number for various fraudulent activities, obtaining credits, etc. More..




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How Many People Are Victims Of Identity Theft ? )
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