How To Investigate Identity Theft ?  

Identity theft is a crime that involves using your identity by an unknown person to make illegal or unwarranted transactions without your consent. This could be drawing check from your bank account, using your Social Security number for various fraudulent activities, obtaining credits, etc.

In most cases, you would realize that something is wrong when you get a negative credit card balance check. This will hamper your future endeavors of investing in a real estate or renting an apartment.

Nearly nine million Americans are affected by ID theft every year. However, it is easy to prevent the problem. If you notice any transactions, you have not made in the recent past, alert the 3 credit bureaus, namely Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, immediately. Request them to notify your account on the fraud alert list. You need not go through a lengthy procedure to do this. Note the transaction number that is given to you for future references. Once this is completed, your account will be frozen. The thief cannot make any further transactions using your account details. Check out your bank details and credit card transactions to make sure there has not been any undue damage caused. You can simply change your PIN number. In most cases, it is advisable to delete your credit and debit cards and apply for new ones.

Next, make sure you get a credit report from the credit bureaus on an annual basis. Make sure there has not been any unexplained transaction taking place. If you notice anything unauthorized, file a report immediately with the police. Provide relevant documents to support your theft transactions and follow up the case.

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How To Investigate Identity Theft ?

How-To-Prevent-Online-Identity-Theft      Identity theft is a serious crime that is affecting large sections of the society. The thief uses your personal details to get access into your bank account, obtain credits, etc. He can easily make transactions, buy an apartment, open a new cellular connection, and in some cases even apply for immigration and escape using your name and identity. Save yourself from a disaster of this magnitude. Remember to follow some simple yet powerful steps to prevent the chances of identities theft at the first place. More..




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