What Is The Jail Time For Id Theft ?  

Identity theft is an act in which the thief steals victim’s personal information with an intention to get access to victims’ personal assets.

According to the Better Business Bureau, every year approximately 8.9 million people become victim of some form of identity theft. Identity theft is a serious white collar crime, and the identity thief faces jail term.

Before 2004, jail term and penalties for identity theft were undefined. If a criminal is convicted for identity theft, the judge would order sentence based on his previous crime record and the seriousness of the offence.

However, in 2004, President Bush passed the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act. This act defines Identity theft and basically sets some rules for identity theft jail term and punishment. If a person is convicted under the Identity Theft Penalty Act then the accused faces a minimum of two years jail term. If the culprit of identity theft is charged with aggravated identity theft then an additional sentence can be added to the mandatory two year jail term.

Aggravated identity theft is defined as identity theft committed with an intention of creating another state or aiding terrorism. Thus a culprit charge with aggravated identity theft can receive, in federal court an extended mandatory term of two years or five years for aiding terrorism and possessing faux passport. Extended jail term is served consecutively with the jail term for identity theft. The aggravated identity theft law also forbids judges from releasing perpetrator on bail or security.

In the United States maximum jail term for identity theft is 15 years if the person is charged with aggravated identity theft and the monetary value of items seized from identity theft is above $1,000.

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What Is The Jail Time For Id Theft

How-Do-I-Avoid-Identity-Theft      Identity theft is a serious offence. It occurs when your personal information is stolen and is misused for committing crimes and fraud without your cognition. For instance, your credit card number or your ATM card can be misused for purchasing luxury items and automobiles and for withdrawing money. Identity theft can cause you huge monetary loss and can ruin your good name and destroy your financial reputation for years. More..




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