Child Kidnapping Prevention  

Kidnapping is a very serious crime that is increasing at an alarming rate every year. The reason for kidnapping a child could be numerous. Irrespective of the motive behind the issue, kidnappers generally have a thorough knowledge about the family and the child’s whereabouts before committing the crime. In numerous cases, the kidnapper may be a close friend or even a family member of the victim. Kidnapping for money, for personal revenge or for child trafficking are a few common intentions.

In most of the cases, the child is lured, persuaded and is then kidnapped. It is reported that nearly 2100 children go missing or are reported as kidnapped all over United States. In numerous cases, a miscommunication between the child and his/her parents are considered one of the main reasons for reporting the child as “missing” or as “kidnapped” by the parents. Almost 75 percent of the victims kidnapped are girls. Teenagers in particular are easily vulnerable Most of the kidnappers are males.

The entire kidnapping episode can be a very traumatic experience for the child and his/her parents. However, there are numerous ways to prevent the crime from occurring at the first place. Teach your child about 911. Make sure your kid knows his/her house address and multiple phone numbers of his/her family members in case of an emergency. Strictly forbid your child to accompany strangers under any situation. Teach your kids to decline any offers of being driven back home or being offered candies or foodstuffs from strangers. Teach the child to scream, shout and attract attention of passersby’s if the child is being forcefully taken away by the stranger.

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Child Kidnapping Prevention

Definition-Of-Kidnapping      Kidnapping is a serious crime and a punishable offence. It can be defined as forcefully taking a person away to an undisclosed location and holding him/her for ransom or for personal gains. More..




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