Definition Of Kidnapping  

Kidnapping is the act of taking away or detaining a person without his/her consent or will and this is done by fraud or force. The kidnapped person is kept in a confined room or a false imprisonment (intentionally detaining the victim).

Kidnapping is generally done for ransom. In common law, kidnapping includes: taking away a minor, without his/her consent, without any lawful excuse. In recent years, kidnapping done by partners and parents (in association with child custody) accounts for more number of kidnapping cases than kidnapping by strangers.

There are primarily three types of kidnapping depending upon who the kidnapper is:

           Family Kidnapping: Kidnapping by a family member or a relative is called family kidnapping. This kind of kidnapping amounts to 49 percent of the total. This is generally committed by parents and includes mostly female kidnappers. This is most frequent among children of age group 0-6 years, however, both minor boys and minor girls are victims equally. This type of kidnapping originates at home generally.

           Acquaintance Kidnapping: This type of kidnapping is mostly done by people whom you know, neither strangers nor family members. This type of kidnapping affects either females or teenagers. Acquainted kidnapping is generally associated with physical and sexual assault and has recorded the maximum number of injured victims.

          Stranger Kidnapping: This type of kidnapping is done at outdoors. Usually females are victims of stranger kidnapping more than men. Stranger kidnapping is invariably connected with sexual assault (girls) and robberies (boys). It generally involves the usage of a firearm.

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Definition Of Kidnapping

Effects-Of-Kidnapping      Kidnapping is keeping a person in confinement, against his or her wishes, for ransom. More generally, kidnapping is keeping a person in false imprisonment, which means keeping in captivity without having any authority to do so. Kidnapping is carried out for different purposes, including monetary gain, gaining custody etc. More..




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Definition Of Kidnapping )
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