What Is The Sentence For Manslaughter ?  

The term 'manslaughter' refers to killing a person in a manner that is considered less culpable as compared to murder.

Thus the quantum of sentence for manslaughter is always less than that for murder. The sentence for manslaughter can't be defined as mitigating circumstances can come into consideration while delivering the sentence.

Also, manslaughter can be of two types, namely voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter, where the former carries a longer sentence as compared to the latter.

Imprisonment is always awarded when the defendant is charged with manslaughter. The prison term depends on applicable statutes. These vary from state to state. Some states look upon manslaughter more seriously than others. Along with the prison term, monetary fine can be awarded to the defendant. The state of Florida is known to be tough in terms of manslaughter sentences especially when the manslaughter is Driving Under Influence (DUI).

In the category of involuntary manslaughter, the penalty imposed for negligent manslaughter is more substantial than unlawful act manslaughter. Negligent manslaughter includes DUI, speeding etc. In general, the maximum penalty for manslaughter is life imprisonment. Factors such as provocation, age and history of the victim, only can determine the exact sentence. Also, the class of felony applicable also determines the quantum of the sentence.

Manslaughter is a very serious crime and is only a notch below murder. As such, depending on the circumstances, the sentence can range from a few months to life imprisonment. Depending on the state in which the defendant is being tried, the minimum sentence can vary.

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What Is The Sentence For Manslaughter

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What Is The Sentence For Manslaughter ? )
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