How Long Does A Misdemeanor Stay On Your Record ?  

If you are interested in knowing how long does a misdemeanor stay on your record, you will be disappointed and disheartened with the answer.

Unfortunately a misdemeanor stays on your record forever. Misdemeanor is not treated like a minor traffic offense or a speeding ticket which disappears after you have paid the fines.

There are many people who are suffering because of having a misdemeanor on their records. However, you have an option of sealing your criminal record so that no one will be able to get access to it. This process of sealing is known as expungement.

However, in order to apply for expungement of your misdemeanor record, you have to fulfill certain criteria. First of all, you have to be a first time offender. If you have been convicted of many misdemeanors, then you cannot apply for expungement of your criminal record. Secondly, you have to wait for a year after which you can apply for your criminal record to be sealed.

Getting your criminal record expunged is extremely beneficial and worth your time. Remember, background checks are part and parcel for college applications, employment, getting a credit card, applying for insurance and even renting a home. The moment it comes out that you have a criminal record, you could lose everything in life.

Therefore, instead of letting a misdemeanor stay on your record forever, you can take steps to ensure that something you did in your past, in a moment of madness, does not come back to haunt in the present and ruin your future.

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How Long Does A Misdemeanor Stay On Your Record

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